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released September 26, 2016

Gabriel Szalay- Vocals
Carter Opsahl - Guitar
Daemon Glass - Bass and Vocals
Grace Berg - Drums
Special thanks to Jeremy Bartelt for recording this and Jesse Barstad for hooking us up with the art
And of course to everyone who has supported what we are doing.



all rights reserved


More Weight Minnesota

Gabe Szalay -Vocals
Daemon Glass - Bass/Vocals
Carter Opsahl - Guitar
Grace Berg - Drums

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Track Name: Shut Out
Spit out the words you try to speak
But your mouth is shut, and your tongue is bitter.
You tried to bite but they pulled your teeth,
Collapsed your throat so you can't speak..

Blindfolded by the ones who raised you, shut out from the ones who served you.
Sworn to protect, they only hurt you, in the they will bury you.

under one mind.
under one thought.
believe what I say.
or die the same way that you thought never came.
Track Name: Waste
I won't let you waste my time
After all this wasted breath.
I've been used so many times, I've seen the warning signs
I'm fucking done.

Giving everything I have to you
So you can throw it in my face
Falling asleep with you on my mind
When I don't even leave a trace in yours.

I used to be a sucker for you.
I used to be a fool.
Now I'll give my everything to anyone.
Anyone but you.

I hope it sucks when you're dying alone,
Then you think back on me.
You'll see your greatest mistake when its something that could never be.
Track Name: Blind
Days are getting worse
I can't let it out
I can't breathe
I cant spit it out.
Suffer amongst the sheep - I see blind cattle being raised for feed.
Who am I to say I truly believe? these words mean nothing to me.

Dull mind, weak thoughts.
You can't think for yourselves.
Who are you to place blame on me?

Burnt to shit
I can't sleep with the fish.
I'd rather live
and see how it ends up for me.