Grasping Onto A Dying World

by More Weight

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released May 28, 2017

Special Thanks to:
Scott Jarvie
Kyle Felegy
Clay from Canes
Friends and Family


all rights reserved



More Weight Minnesota

Gabe Szalay -Vocals
Daemon Glass - Bass/Vocals
Carter Opsahl - Guitar
Grace Berg - Drums

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Track Name: Vice Grip
Giving every single breath you have to give
Fight the fight that you can't win
Toss and turn inside your bed at night
Wait for morning to bring its bite
Pain and suffering pay it's toll
Grasp of life reaching for your throat try to run from death - you can't shake
And In death - you can't fake
Vice grip of death
Waiting to take hold
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to call your own
Track Name: Waste II
Told you once that you meant the world to me
Now my world is over
Told you once that I'd carry the weight
But you crushed me beneath my shoulders
And when you feel some empathy
It'll be too late
You'll know exactly where I'll be
Broken body laying six feet fucking deep
I gave you everything
All my time, all my love
I gave you everything but you let my fucking efforts go to waste
So selfish, you can't see how much to you I gave of me
I did my part, this is on you, cuz I am no longer a fucking fool
Track Name: Comatose
Numb - Don't wanna feel
Stuck with feelings that I can't deal
My heart is aching
My body's shaking
I wish that I could be erased
From everybody's memories
I wish that I could disappear
Wanna fucking disappear
But for now I will just poison my body
Just so I can escape my fucking brain
One shot to kill the pain, cock it back - send it through my fucking brain
Track Name: Judgement Day
I am the damper on your mood, the spit that's in your food
And if you don't redeem yourself sometime fucking soon
I'll be the bullet between your shoulder blades that forever prevents you to move
Your rhetoric, your evil ways, will fucking die with you
Don't tell me to tolerate the hatred that you spew
Give no warnings to those who lack morality
Judgement day is coming soon and I will be the hammer that strikes down on you.
Any time any day, I'll throw you under the bus
Any chance that I get, I'll take you down by force
I won't stand behind your intolerant mind
And I can promise you that you won't survive when you cross us

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